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Not all men are the same, so the plan for winning their hearts,
or getting them back, shouldn't be the same, either!

"It's like he came with a manual!"

Because not all exes are the same, the plan to win them back shouldn't be the same either!

"Not just another generic 'how to stop your breakup' guide,
but a real solution to win back your ex based on who they are and how they think!"

sing the Power of the Universe to Win Back Your Lover

BreakupScopes is a must have breakup guide that exposes the needs, likes, dislikes, quirks, and the ugly, dirty truth of each and every member of the zodiac, and teaches you exactly how you can win back your ex based on this knowledge.

Let's face it, there are many guides out there on how to stop a break up and get your boyfriend or your girlfriend back, but the problem with these guides is that they generalize that everybody thinks and feels the same. Not true! What may work to reach one person, may not necessarily work on another—in fact, it may chase them farther away from you. BreakupScopes is the easiest way to find out how your particular ex’s mind works—and to get that ex to come back to you based on what will work with them. BreakupScopes shows you how to turn the tide in your favor and gain back the power in your personal relationship.

"The author gives you all the insight into your ex that you will need to get anything you want out of them.
Even their love! An honest and indispensable guide to getting your ex back.

Filled with amazing insights on all the zodiac signs, BreakupScopes also defines how each sign reacts to a breakup, both as the dumper and as the dumpee side. Find out how you reacted to your breakup as the 'dumpee', and find out what your ex thinks of the relationship breakup from the 'dumper's point of view'. Learn the truth about the hidden zodiac traits that you may possess that actually contributed to the breakup and made you appear to be the 'wrong' partner for them.

Because not all exes are the same, the plan to win them back shouldn't be the same either!

Each Sun Sign has its own chapter and each chapter is divided into the following sections:

This Sign as the Dumpee  Help understand exactly why you are reacting to the breakup the way that you are, and what you can do to help yourself feel better today.

This Sign as the Dumper  Wonder what is going through your ex's mind? Do you wonder how they feel about the breakup? We'll tell you!

This Sign as the REASON why you were Dumped  Whether you like it or not, we will tell you exactly what people of This Sign did wrong that might have contributed to their break up.

This Sign at its Best  What is about this person that makes you love them so much? Learn how you can use this information to your advantage in winning your ex back, or in letting go and moving on if you want!

This Sign at its Worst  What really happened to cause your relationship breakdown? Was it you, or was it them? Find out the negative characters of This Sign before jumping back into a relationship! A real 'horrorscope'!

How to Win Back the Heart of Someone From This Sign

  • Should you try and make it work out?
  • Specific strategies and methods for stopping your breakup and winning back the heart of This Sign. Not just a generic 'how to get your ex back', but real methods and suggestions designed specifically to target your particular ex!
  • What, exactly, does This Sign find attractive and not attractive in a mate

Specific Clashes with Other Sun Signs A match made in heaven or the relationship from hell? Find out which zodiac couplings are the least likely to make it work, and why! Find out what problems your Sun Sign may face when in a relationship with This Sign, and learn the specific strengths and weaknesses when these two Sun Signs unite, and how you can better that unity.

BreakupScopes is the ultimate information guide on the science of human relationships, and understanding what and how different people think and feel. It targets in on your individual mate and teaches you how to win their heart back and regain the longing for you that they once had.

"If you've ever wondered why your ex behaves the way they do, read BreakupScopes.
It is an indispensable 'breakup survival manual' and the best cure for a broken heart since Ben & Jerry's!

An invaluable, and excellent look into the minds of people. You'll learn exactly what to do—and what not to do—to turn your breakup around and get your partner back on your side—where they belong! You'll also learn what might have caused the breakup to begin with, what you can do now to get them to come back to you, and what you absolutely must do to keep the relationship going once restored! Whether female, male, gay, or straight, you'll find out more about your ex and yourself than you ever thought possible.


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