why women and wives have affairs and commit adultery

The so-called experts are getting nervous!
"Why Women and Wives Cheat"
Understanding the Answers Behind Women's Infidelity
written by Tigress Luv

why women cheatFind Out the REAL Reason
Why Women and Wives Cheat

Let me be frank with you: I am a woman, through and through - and I know the real truth behind why women do what they do - even more than most women themselves do! And YOU can find out these truths in just a matter of three minutes from now! 

This is a must read insider's look for every man whose woman or wife has cheated on him, and for every woman who wants to learn the real reasons behind her own infidelity! If you don't find the real reason behind the infidelity here, then the reason simply doesn't exist - and we know that is just about impossible! And if you don't read this material, the infidelity will most likely occur again, and again, and again!

Your woman has cheated. She has promised you that it will never happen again, or maybe your experience with infidelity has taken a different turn and your marriage is over.

Believe it, or not, none of that really matters if you don't know why women cheat to begin with! Or, to put it more specifically, why did your woman cheat on you?

Until you get the answers you are doomed to repeat history over and over again. Even if you and/or your wife think you know the reason, you will never know the real reason why women, in general, cheat, or why your woman, herself, has cheated on you - until and unless you read this book. 

Unless you both know the real reason why, infidelity may happen again.

wife had an affair

Do you want to spend days, weeks, months or maybe years trying to avoid another infidelity, or policing her every move - or working on issues that you think were the cause, but that which, in reality, were not?

The insights you will receive from this book will be invaluable to both you and your partner!

You Will Learn

  • The REAL reasons why women cheat
  • Who the other man is
  • What she saw in him that she didn't see in you
  • How to prevent a recurrence of infidelity
  • The signs of a woman's infidelity
  • What fuels an affair
  • Who's to blame for the affair; the other man, her, or you?
  • Insights to her that even she, herself, doesn't know
  • Why an affair isn't a real relationship
  • What your partner's true needs are
  • How most cheating is not a reflection of you or the relationship
  • How another man really isn't the problem

"....I have started reading the webBook. Riveting. Heartbreaking. Hopeless. Hopeful. Enlightening. Disheartening. And I'm only a 3rd of the way in so far. Right now...I got to tell you. I totally identify with the part about where I stopped being a "MAN" to my wife..."

unfaithful woman and wife

Women, are you ready to hear the truth? Men, are you ready to find out the real reason why? You may think that you already know the answers, but let me tell you, you are probably dead wrong!

Also, Get Insights Into

  • Same sex affairs
  • Intermarrying
  • Revenge and retaliation affairs
  • Upbringing, and its role in infidelity
  • Sex and love addiction
  • Codependency, Narcissism, Histrionic Personality, and Commitmentphobia and their roles in infidelous marriages
  • Entitlement affairs
  • Attachment displacement
  • Transitional affairs
  • Exit affairs
  • Women's REAL emotional needs
  • Sex and today's woman
  • Why women stay in unhappy marriages

"I had signed up for the book earlier but didn't read past the first couple pages. Now, having read most of the book,...

This is the most incredible, insightful book I've ever read. Really. Better than Mars/Venus. There is wisdom on every page. The description of Love and the description of Forgiveness are so well done. I'll be sending customers to buy your book, particularly those whose wives aren't cheating (yet). I will not forward your book...I promise.

I wish you had ideas on how to win back a wife who's had an accidental Love Affair (possibly no intimacy since they live in different cities, but who knows). She's living the fantasy, even after discovery. Mid-life crisis, empty nest,...lots of factors. Signed: Heartbroken.

The system is delivered to you instantly! This means that you can be reading it in as little as three minutes from now!

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